Lauren has been studying the body, or at least what it means to live in and use one, her entire life. A constantly inquisitive and embodied individual, she has come to recognize that working with and through the body is a platform from which she can understand life most clearly. With an extensive background in dance, yoga, and other movement forms, she brings to her work a refined knowledge and nuanced understanding of movement tendencies and stagnation patterns, enabling her to locate and alleviate pain and imbalance for her clients.

Lauren studied at the Swedish Institute in New York City and and is a nationally-certified bodyworker, as well as a certified Reiki practitioner in the traditional Usui method. She has trained in Swedish massage, Shiatsu, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point techniques and intuitively weaves these modalities into custom sessions, based upon clients’ needs and preferences. Stylistically, her sessions are slow, yet invigorating, and tend towards fascial release. With a keen intuition and a sensitive touch, her work is energetically dynamic and transformative.

As a native North Carolinian, Lauren has an intrinsically slower temperament. Having grown her legs as a bodyworker in New York City, she has an awe for humanity, an appreciation for structure, and a very realized need for nature and space. She is soaking in the vastness of New Mexico, and is excited to continue her study and work in the healing arts field in Albuquerque. Lauren adores dogs, and enjoys a daily cup of coffee and hanging her clothes on the line.