The smartest thing in the room is the intelligence of the body.
— Steve Haines

Hi there!

I’m Lauren and I love what I do.

People entrusting me with their bodies is a privilege I continually marvel at and do not take lightly. Our bodies are our homes. We experience the totality of life in, with, and through these bodies. I consider it nothing short of a complete honor to be part of someone’s team of healers. 

Bodies are sacred. They are infinitely wise, self-healing vessels. They’re also really difficult to be in sometimes. Our bodies often speak a language we do not understand, or that does not match our own ideas of how we think we should be living our lives in our bodies. We wish we could get on with our lives if only we didn’t have these bodies to tend to. We forget, or perhaps do not know, that it is actually the body that is the most intelligent thing about us.

I am committed to approaching people and their bodies compassionately, meeting them where they are, and assisting people’s bodies to reveal their truths to them on their own timeline.  My view on bodywork is a collaborative one. As bodyworker and healer, my job is simply to provide intelligent and informed therapeutic touch and to create a safe and contained space for the body to remember its own self-healing mechanisms. 

Bliss is inherently available to us through our bodies. It is my intention to help people remember this.  It is my intention to make the body a desired destination, help people arrive there, and encourage them to love it.