“...deeply profound.”

Lauren is simply unlike any other body worker I have come across. She is one of the most sensitive people I know, giving rise to her perceptive, subtle intuition. Her hands are receptive and responsive, her touch is gentle, her treatments are deeply profound. She has led me to uncover magical insights about my body's own capacity for healing. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you will appreciate each session as a rare gift. You will leave the table grounded in purpose and settled in spirit.

— Kate, Yoga Teacher and Doctoral Student of Chinese Medicine

"...nuance and care."

Lauren is a gifted massage therapist. She integrates all aspects of the massage experience with nuance and care. She is an excellent listener, in conversation and of the body, and has a sharp sense of intuition. She is not only knowledgeable of the body, but works with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all parts of the self. In addition to the hands on aspect of Lauren's work, she includes an imaginative use of sound and takes great care with the comfort of the space. 

-Julie, Choreographer

Working with Lauren was a transformational experience for me—my body has never felt better, and I have never felt better in it, than in the year-plus I saw Lauren. Whether I was confronting acute pain in specific places or simply looking to smooth everything out, Lauren always had exactly the right touch. Her ability to read the landscape of my body (as well as my psycho-emotional state) was often uncanny, and she would identify places of tension or spots that needed a little extra attention with a gentle, deeply present, and soothing hand. She is a warm, caring, funny, and perceptive soul, and these qualities are as present in conversation as they are on the table. New York's loss is New Mexico's gain.

Sarah, Freelancer 


“...intuitive and powerful.”

Lauren is an incredibly intuitive and powerful massage therapist, with a wonderful energy and approach. I always leave appointments feeling restored and rejuvenated.

-Mary, Musician

“...total magic.”

Lauren's treatments are total magic. She has an incredible sensitivity to timing, technique and synchronicity with music.

-Wally, Musician


"...a rare find."

I can't say enough about Lauren's talent. I have old injuries and a stressful job, so when picking a massage therapist, I needed to find someone who was able to work with me on the tension and stress but also on some specific reoccurring issues. Massage is an important part of my self-care. After the first time I saw Lauren, I had immediate results. I stopped seeing anyone else after I started seeing her. She actively listens and her body work incorporates many methods so you get a treatment that is just for you. Lauren is a rare find and I am so happy to have been her client. She is an excellent healer, a wonderful person, and an incredible massage therapist!

-Emily, State Director, Office of United States Senate

“...Healer, Re-connector.”

"For a long time, I had been feeling disconnected from my body. I knew I wanted to try massage, but my past few experiences with massage therapists were not good and I had built up a wall of resistance in even thinking about ever trusting one again. A friend suggested her massage therapist, Lauren. Needless to say, Lauren and I worked together for a year until she moved away. I LOVE everything about Lauren and how she works. Actually, Lauren isn't a massage therapist, I think of her as an AWESOME and INTUITIVE Bodyworker Healer Re-connector."

-Nikki, Web Designer